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How It Works

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Liquid Stock is a leading partner for private company equity holders seeking liquidity and option-exercise solutions.

We help you evaluate your capital goals, guide you and your advisors through your equity options, and build innovative solutions designed to meet your needs.

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When you win, we win

Our reputation has been built on a liquidity solution that allows private company option holders and shareholders to benefit from the future upside of their equity.

• Get cash / Access liquidity quickly
• Maintain ownership and upside
• Optimize your taxes

We’re pioneers in the space

Led by team members with over 20 years of venture investing experience, our trusted team of experts works to provide a better way to maximize your wealth before an exit event.

Problems We Solve

Your journey towards financial freedom


You’ve worked hard for your equity – why wait to use it? We give you cash that might be tied up in private company shares, or options.

Career Mobility

People are thinking about new opportunities – but might feel tethered to their companies because they don’t want to leave stock options on the table. With the Liquid Stock solution, you don’t have to.


Many private company employees hold stock options but don’t fully understand what they are, how they work, and what they can do with them. We help you better understand the value of your equity by educating you and your advisors about our liquidity solutions.

Employee Engagement

Employees are more engaged when they’re working for a share of their companies’ success. We provide insights into the benefits of stock options and how to successfully implement this program into a larger retention strategy.

Not sure how to capitalize on your stock options or shares?

We can help. Our team can walk you and your advisors through your options with Liquid Stock in a way that is easy to comprehend. Reach out to learn more about our solutions to maximize your equity potential.

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Insights & Knowledge

Understand your stock options or shares

Let’s face it, your private company stock options or shareholder agreements can be dense. Our team answers common questions and provides expert insights to demystify this complex financial landscape in our blog.

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