Liquid provides a unique understanding of shareholder needs with the exclusive backing of three of the world’s largest institutional investors.

Our pool of discretionary capital is solely dedicated to providing liquidity to stock and option holders of large, venture-backed companies. To date, the Liquid team has freed up ~$150 million for employees and shareholders of top private companies, including:

Company-Wide Share Liquidity Programs. A Superior Alternative to Tender Offers.

Liquid’s dedicated fund allows management teams to monetize the equity held by their valuable employees and shareholders while keeping them as partners. Liquidity for shareholders and option holders does not have to convert them into sellers.

The Liquid founding partners are innovators of structured, tax efficient, employee-wide Share Liquidity Programs. The Liquid Stock solution aligns employees with companies and its shareholders in a way that tender offers simply cannot. Contact us to learn more.

Liquid Stock Helps Shareholders Unlock the Value of Their Shares While Still Maintaining Ownership.

People typically need liquidity to:

Meet Personal Goals

Sam wants to buy a house. His private shares are worth millions - on paper. But traditional lenders and banks don’t recognize his equity as collateral and so Sam can’t access any cash.

Sam is confident the company will continue to grow in value and he doesn’t want to regret prematurely selling his shares. He also wants to avoid the tax hit that an outright sale would trigger.

See how using Liquid Stock’s unique financing solution for liquidity can help preserve future share value.

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Exercise Stock Options

Kim is an early employee and has helped the company build tremendous value. If she can exercise her stock options early, she’ll maximize the value of her hard earned equity grant. Exercising her options now also gives her the freedom to pursue other career opportunities down the road.

Kim doesn’t want to leave value on the table and needs to come up with the cash to exercise her options and pay the imbedded tax obligation.

The use of non-recourse financing to exercise your options before an IPO can increase the after-tax value of your stock without increasing your risk.

See how we can help you with a proactive approach.

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Liquid is a Proven Resource in the Secondary Market.

Trusted by private companies and their employees, we help shareholders unlock the value tied up in their private shares. Liquid has:

$0 Million+

dedicated pool of capital

We are backed by and are partners with Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Morgan Stanley AIP and Coller Capital, some of the world’s largest institutional capital providers.

Over 0Decades

combined expertise

Download Top Questions That Shareholders Should Be Asking to Determine Whether Their Liquidity Provider Has Their Best Interests in Mind.

Unlocking the value in your private shares is a consequential financial event. Before you begin the process, ensure that your interests are aligned.


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