Backed by some of the world’s largest institutional investors, Liquid is the best source for liquidity for private companies and their employees.

We are pioneers in the secondary market and have helped dozens of private company shareholders unlock well over $150 million of value to meet their liquidity goals.

Transparency is key

Unlike most in the secondary market, we lay out all of the relevant data upfront, help you understand all of the possible scenarios and their ramifications, and ensure you have the information you need to make the most informed choice.

Relationships are far more valuable to us than any single transaction. It means everything to us that advisors and banks trust us with their clients and their reputations. As we help you achieve your liquidity goals, we keep your best interests top of mind, even if it means referring you on to other solutions.

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Our Partners

We are backed by some of the largest and most sophisticated investment institutions in the world.

Our Team

Liquid Stock’s founding partners are based in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Diverse expertise in structured finance and wealth management, coupled with the backing of the world’s most sophisticated investors, enable us to create and execute mutually beneficial structures at scale.

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