Meet Liquid Stock

We are a fully independent, institutionally backed investment firm providing liquidity to employees and shareholders of late stage private companies.

Our Purpose

At Liquid Stock we work to empower people and the companies they built with the freedom of liquidity to maximize the full potential of their equity. The people we work with are unique and create tremendous value through their hard work and dedication – they deserve the ability to access that value and achieve new goals or dreams.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our team brings diverse expertise in venture capital, wealth management, corporate transaction law, and structured finance. We understand the challenges of navigating option exercise and share liquidity.

jeff liquid stock

Jeffrey Le Sage
Founding Partner

greg liquid stock

Greg Martin
Founding Partner

shane liquid stock

Shane Larkin

annie liquid stock

Annie Woodworth
Vice President, Legal

khatija liquid stock

Khatija Teekay

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