Built to Benefit Your Employees

We provide innovative non-recourse1 solutions that companies can offer to help employees exercise options and achieve liquidity. Our goal is to align employees with their company’s success by enabling them to become stakeholders, earning their share of the company’s increase in value.

A Better Way to Achieve Liquidity

Our trusted team of experts can help your company structure an employee liquidity program that provides employees with capital to access liquidity, exercise options, and optimize their tax position while allowing them to maintain ownership and upside. Our liquidity programs enable employees to access the value of their equity grants without waiting years for an exit event, and without giving up their stake in the company through a sale of shares.

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Cultivating a Culture of Employee Engagement

Companies that offer employee liquidity programs can help boost employee morale, increase employee engagement and retention, and help attract top talent. Studies have also shown2 that employee-owned companies have proven success rates for business growth.

Become an Employee-First Brand

Liquidity and option-exercise programs can help improve the perception of a brand, highlighting the company as one that cares about the personal and financial success of its employees.

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Increase Your Employee Net Worth

Help your employees optimize their tax positions and provide liquidity without discount sales, enhancing your employees’ wealth potential. Employees are typically better off with our financing solutions if the company stock price increases in the future.

How does this all work?

Company Underwriting
Pricing Established
Employee Education
Decision Support Model
Employees Sign, Receive Funding
Quarterly Communication
Liquidity Event

Liquid Stock

  • Underwrites your company
  • Establishes pricing based on classes of stock and option grants
  • Coordinates employee and shareholder education with tax and legal experts
  • Provides capital directly to your employees and shareholders

The Company

  • Determines who participates
  • Decides the terms: option exercise, shareholder liquidity, or a combination
  • Establishes the funding criteria and limitations
  • Offers Liquid Share Ownership Plan to employees and shareholders

" Liquid stock couldn't have made things any easier

Liquid Stock provides capital to option holders and shareholders to access liquidity, exercise options, pay taxes, diversify, and optimize their tax position, while allowing them to maintain ownership and upside. Liquid Stock aligns your employees with your company by enabling your employees to buy their shares instead of selling them into a tender offer or secondary.


– Jane Doe, Company ABC

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Liquid Stock do?

We offer tailored liquidity solutions for private company option or equity holders that can optimize taxes, reduce risk, and help maximize your net worth. If you need money to exercise your options or money backed by private company shares, we may be able to help.

Can Liquid Stock help me tailor my path to liquidity?

Definitely! We understand there is no one-size fits all. The right solution should be based on your individual circumstances. Our transactions are based on transparency, honesty, mutual understanding, and a proven history of fair dealing.

How experienced is the Liquid Stock team?

As pioneers in the space, Liquid Stock is unmatched in terms of experience with unlocking private company equity. Our partners have 60+ combined years of wealth management, venture capital, and legal experience, providing us with the tools and know-how to simplify any complex financial transaction. Members of our team have worked with shareholders and option holders at Airbnb, DocuSign, Uber, and more.

What types of information do you need from me or from my company?

To proceed with our solutions, we’ll need to review evidence of your share or option ownership, as well as any associated documents. For most companies that are not already held by our fund, we may need access to detailed financial and operating information on your company.

Are you ready to own your shares?

Maximize the value of your employees’ equity today.

1As used on this website “non-recourse” means that a transaction counterparty is not personally liable for the difference between the value of the advance made to the counterparty and the value of the collateral shares upon a liquidity event or upon such other time(s) as defined in the transaction agreement, if the value of the collateral shares is less than the advance or other amount owed. In Liquid Stock transactions, the Counterparty will be personally liable in certain enumerated “Events of Default” defined in the applicable transaction agreement. These events include but are not limited to, failure to pay amounts owed under the agreement when due, breach of representations and covenants, and transfer of collateral shares in violation of the transaction agreement. Following such an “Event of Default” a transaction counterparty may be personally liable for the entire amount due under the agreement, even if it exceeds the value of the collateral shares.