Help Your Clients Unlock Liquidity

Liquid Stock helps option holders and shareholders of pre-IPO companies meet their financial goals.

Not All Solutions Are Created Equal

As you explore liquidity options, ask tough questions. Getting this wrong has consequences.


Liquidity Without the Risk

Non-recourse agreement. We don’t require a personal guarantee.

No term

Our structure is not attached to a date, it’s attached to a future liquidity event. We don’t get paid until your client gets paid.

Deal Directly with Decision Makers

We manage a dedicated pool of capital. Once we agree to work together, there’s no delay.

Maintaining Ownership

The shares remains with the shareholder. Period.

How does this all work?



Your client receives cash, the Advance Amount, in a non taxable event. This cash can be used to exercise options, pay taxes and/or achieve liquidity from an existing share position.


Interim period

The Investment Return accrues annually, but nothing is owed until your client achieves liquidity.


Repayment date

Company IPOs or sells. Your client repays Liquid the Advance Amount, Investment Return, and Stock Fee


After repayment

Your client keeps the remaining shares and realizes a tax benefit from Liquid Stock’s contract.

" Liquid stock couldn't have made things any easier

Liquid Stock provides capital to option holders and shareholders to access liquidity, exercise options, pay taxes, diversify, and optimize their tax position, while allowing them to maintain ownership and upside. Liquid Stock aligns your employees with your company by enabling your employees to buy their shares instead of selling them into a tender offer or secondary.


– Jane Doe, Company ABC

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Liquid Stock do?

We offer tailored liquidity solutions for private company option or equity holders that can optimize taxes, reduce risk, and help maximize your net worth. If you need money to exercise your options or money backed by private company shares, we may be able to help

Can Liquid Stock help me tailor my path to liquidity?

Definitely! We understand there is no one-size fits all. The right solution should be based on your individual circumstances. Our transactions are based on transparency, honesty, mutual understanding, and a proven history of fair dealing.

How experienced is the Liquid Stock team?

As pioneers in the space, Liquid Stock is unmatched in terms of experience with unlocking private company equity. Our partners have 60+ combined years of wealth management, venture capital, and legal experience, providing us with the tools and know-how to simplify any complex financial transaction. Members of our team have worked with shareholders and option holders at Airbnb, DocuSign, Uber, and more.

How does Liquid Stock help with my stock options?

We can help you exercise your stock options early, without using your own cash. We provide money for option holders to facilitate the exercise of private company stock options, as well as related taxes, so you can become a shareholder with potential tax, portability, and governance advantages.

Are you ready to own your shares?

Our team of experts can help you take control of your stock options and shares today.