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What to Consider

Liquid StockOther Solutions

Liquidity Without the Risk

Non-recourse agreement. No personal guarantee.

Personal Assets at Risk

Signing a personal guarantee for the capital puts your assets at risk.

No Term

Our structure is not attached to a date, it’s attached to a liquidity event. You only pay when you get liquidity.

Fixed Term Risk

What happens at the end of term and your company is still private? You’re on the hook.

No Cash Interest Payments

Liquid Stock doesn't get paid until you get paid.

Pay Interest Along the Way

You incur an immediate payment obligation.

Deal Directly with Decision-Makers

We manage a dedicated pool of capital. Once we agree to work together, there’s no delay.

Uncertainty & Delay

Initial decisions can take weeks; outside approval can take months. Raising capital can take even longer.

How Liquid Stock Works

  • Financing

    Liquid advances you money to buy your shares and pay taxes. This is the Advance Amount.

  • Interim Period

    Investment Return accrues annually, no cash owed until the contract is settled.

  • Repayment Date

    Company IPOs or sells. You repay Liquid the Advance Amount, Investment Return, and Stock Fee.

  • After Repayment

    You keep the remaining shares or sell them for cash. You realize a tax benefit from Liquid Stock’s contract.

What You Need to Know

Advance Amount

Total dollar amount that Liquid Stock provides you for exercising your options and paying the taxes associated with exercise.

Investment Return

Functions much like a non-cash interest rate. The investment return accrues to the balance of the advance amount and compounds annually.

Stock Fee

A fixed percentage of the shares exercised to be transferred to Liquid Stock on the Repayment Date.

Repayment Date

All contracts with Liquid Stock are settled at liquidity event, IPO or M&A transaction. There is no fixed term, you can settle at any time prior to IPO.


In the event your shares become worthless, Liquid Stock has no recourse to any of your assets. The only assets pledged in a Liquid Stock contract are the options you exercise.

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