Robert Pitti, Founding Partner at Liquid Stock, recently sat down with Tarang Gupta, host of the Wharton Fintech Podcast, an industry-renowned and award-winning podcast run by the Wharton School’s FinTech community. Robert and Tarang dove into the world of pre-IPOs and all-things Liquid Stock discussing:

  • How Liquid Stock is enabling liquidity for shareholders of pre-IPO companies
  • How companies can leverage tax arbitrage to retain talent
  • Robert’s outlook on the recent economic uncertainty
  • Liquid Stock’s growth and expansion plans


The use cases for the type of financing we provide fall into two broad categories,” said Robert. “One is for liquidity i.e., for people that don’t want to sell their shares but have a lot of locked-up value and the second is for individuals who have significant positions but they’re in the form of stock options, which are inherently very tax inefficient.” 

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