When Your Clients Unlock Liquidity, They Can Meet Important Financial Goals.

Whether diversifying assets, buying a home, or exercising their options. All Liquid proposals rely on a Decision Support Model to ensure that clients consider all scenarios and understand which solution is the most tax efficient. We also encourage final review by trusted advisors, whether wealth managers, tax, or legal advisors.

Not All Solutions Are Created Equal.

as you explore liquidity options ask tough questions. Getting this wrong has consequences.

Liquidity Without the Risk

Non-recourse agreement. We don’t require a personal guarantee. Note: Because we take on the risk, Liquid only backs companies we believe in.

Deal Directly with Decision Makers

We manage a dedicated pool of capital. Once we agree to work together, there’s no delay.

No Term

Our structure is not attached to a date, it’s attached to a future liquidity event.

No Periodic Interest Payments

We don’t get paid until you get paid.

Play by the Rules

Liquid is fully independent, institutionally backed, and complies with company policy.

Maintaining Ownership

The shares belong to the shareholder. Period.

Use Cases For Private Company Liquidity Event:

Early Exercise

Kim has 200,000 vested options in a promising pre-IPO technology company. Her options were granted with a $1.00 strike price and she can exercise her options today at $2.00 per share. Kim has a choice, she can either exercise today or wait until after an IPO.

Assuming the current fair market value is $10.00 per share, Kim stands to do better by using Liquid’s solution to exercise today as long as her shares are worth $3.30 or more per share post-IPO.

Exercise Today vs Waiting Until Exit

Financing vs Sale

James has holds 150,000 shares of an exciting pre-IPO technology company and is looking for $500,000 of liquidity. He bought his shares for $2.00 per share and they are currently worth $10.00 per share. James can either sell 66,667 of his shares to raise enough money to pay taxes and put $500,000 in the bank or he can use Liquid’s solution.

Liquid’s solution benefits James as long as he believes the company will be worth $13.30 or more per share post-IPO.

Financing vs Sale

Exercise Options or Achieve Liquidity – Without Losing the Upside.

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