Sitting on Your Shares When You Have Financial Goals Is Not an Attractive Option.

Neither is selling your shares prematurely. Get liquidity without losing ownership, or your upside. No personal recourse, no term, no need to move your stock.

Know Your Options. Not All Liquidity Solutions Are Created Equal.

Before you choose a liquidity solution, ask tough questions. Getting this wrong has consequences.


Personal Assets at Risk.

If your shares lose value, you still owe. This is not a liquidity contract; it’s a loan.

Liquidity Without the Risk.

Non-recourse agreement. You don’t have to put up a personal guarantee.

Fixed term risk.

What happens at the end of term and your company is still private? You’re on the hook.

No term.

Our structure is not attached to a date, it’s attached to a company liquidity event. You only pay when you get liquidity.

Pay interest along the way.

You step into an ongoing payment obligation immediately.

No periodic interest payments.

We don’t get paid until you get paid.

Gray zones.

Solutions that ignore company policy do not have your best interest in mind.

Play by the rules.

Liquid is fully independent, institutionally-backed, and complies with company policy.

Lose control.

Moving shares to a trust or signing away ownership is painful and may breach company transfer restrictions.

Maintain ownership.

The shares belong to you. Period.

Uncertainty and delay.

Initial decisions can take weeks; outside approval can take months. Raising capital can take even longer.

Deal directly with decision-makers.

We manage a dedicated pool of capital. Once we agree to work together, there’s no delay.

How the Liquid Solution Works:

Achieve Liquidity without losing your upside. Because we take on the risk, Liquid only backs companies we believe in. You’ll be guided through our Decision Support Model to ensure you’re considering all scenarios and that you’re choosing a tax-efficient solution that works best for your interests.

Contact30 min conversation
Decision Support ModelDiscuss economic impact across all scenarios
Review ProposalReview with your trusted advisors
Get CapitalSign documents and receive funding
Quarterly CommunicationBrief check-ins by phone or email
Liquidity EventIPO / exit and settlement

Use Case on Private Company Liquidity Events:

Financing vs Sale

James holds 150,000 shares of an exciting pre-IPO technology company and is looking for $500,000 of liquidity. He bought his shares for $2.00 per share and they are currently worth $10.00 per share. James can either sell 66,667 of his shares to raise enough money to pay taxes and put $500,000 in the bank or he can use Liquid’s solution.

Liquid’s solution benefits James as long as he believes the company will be worth $13.30 or more per share post-IPO.

Financing vs Sale

Achieve Liquidity Without Losing Your Upside.

Contact us today to see if we’re a mutual good fit.