On June 18, 2020, AST Private Company Solutions (AST PCS) and Liquid Stock announced a strategic partnership. Founded in 2019, AST PCS is an affiliate of AST, which is focused on helping private companies worldwide manage their ownership data with cloud-based SaaS solution Astrella. Liquick Stock is an investment fund providing custom liquidity solutions to pre-IPO companies, their investors and employees.

Using Astrella’s capitalization (cap) table and ownership data management platform, shareholders and CFOs will now be able to use Liquid Stock to access non-recourse, tax-efficient liquidity financing without having to sell shares.

Astrella combines private blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics in an API-based ecosystem to seamlessly integrate with novel solutions like Liquid Stock in the private markets. Liquid Stock is backed by Coller Capital, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners (AIP).

Liquid Stock’s cofounder Robert Pitti stated that Liquid Stock “was born of financial innovation reaching back over two decades serving companies and employees in Silicon Valley.” Of his excitement for the partnership with AST PCS, he added, “This market has evolved tremendously over time and today it demands far more technological and data management sophistication, as options are exercised and shares bought and sold more frequently—and in ways they never have before. We greatly respect the leadership team Astrella has built, and felt this connection lent an excellent opportunity to avail our fund of a much larger array of startups and companies.”

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